More of My Music ...

This page features several more of my favorite compositions and arrangements. These songs were featured on the original DannyHolley.Com in MIDI format. Here they are again in MP3 conversions. Enjoy!


Angels Don't Sing Just at Christmas — I love the Christmas season. The warmth and love of the music it brings often changes us a little during this magical time of year. I wrote this song with the hope that it might instill "the Christmas Spirit" in our hearts all through the year.

If You See Momma Before I Do — Written from the heart soon after my mother's passing in 1997, this song is addressed to her best friend and neighbor.

Bach Invention — This is a Bach Invention that I orchestrated just for fun and I rather like it, somehow I think Bach would approve!

The Power of Your Dreams — Another inspirational song, this one has a messgae that is most appropriate for young people in their teenage years. I'm a believer in the power of dreams ... that if you can dream it, you can make your dream come true. That's the message of this song.

Semper Paratus — Semper Paratus is the anthem of the United States Coast Guard. While creating a web page for the annual Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven, MI, the developer needed a MIDI version of this tune, since the only available electronic version he could find was a WAV file ... much too long a download (back in the day) for use as background music. Having been on the Internet for a little over a year, the MIDI arrangement began popping up all over the place on official and unofficial USCG-related websites. Here's the MP3 version of it.

Thank You, Father — This, of course, is a song specially written for Thanksgiving services at Unity. It illustrates my approach to modern church music.

Under the Rainbow — This is the 'flip side' of the popular song from "The Wizard of Oz" This is another one that just popped into my head one evening ... it's just for fun.

Until Now — We often go through the first part of our lives looking for Ms. or Mr. 'right.' And then when it finally happens, the sentiments of this song might just express how one might feel.

Detroit — A song about my old stomping grounds.